Seller Homework

  • The answers to these few questions will help make your home stand out even more!

  • Share the best things about your home that make it special
  • What updates have you done to your home? This could include anything from a complete kitchen renovation to painted walls. Include the year/month where possible.
  • Share your favourite thing (or things) about your home, lot, and neighbourhood.
  • What are your monthly expenses for your electricity, heating, and cooling? (NB Power, natural gas, propane, wood, oil)
  • If applicable, describe the location of the septic tank and field on your property. When was the tank last pumped?
  • What internet and cable provider do you use? What speed is available in your area?
  • What day of the week is your garbage picked up? How often is your recycling picked up?
  • Is your mail delivered to your home or to a community mailbox?
  • Are you aware of any restrictive covenants in your neighbourhood or roadway agreements in place?
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