Episode 3: Home Insurance with Berni Williams

In this enlightening episode of our podcast, we sit down with Berni Williams, a distinguished figure in the insurance industry and the driving force behind Berni Williams Insurance. With a rich family legacy spanning over 55 years in the Fredericton, New Brunswick community, Berni shares her journey from witnessing her grandfather’s humble beginnings selling insurance from the back of his car to her current role in leading the family business into the future. Throughout the episode, Berni delves into the evolution of insurance products and services, the nuanced differences between agency and brokerage models, and the paramount importance of personalized service in an ever-changing industry landscape. She also explores the potential impacts of artificial intelligence on insurance, all while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human connection. Join us as Berni offers her profound insights into the challenges, changes, and the enduring significance of community and personal touch in the insurance sector.

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Part 1: Becoming a Home Inspector

In this engaging opening segment, hosts Chris Turner and Dave Watt warmly welcome Berni Williams from Berni Williams Insurance for an insightful discussion on her personal journey within the insurance sector and the rich legacy her family has established in this field. Berni shares a captivating narrative about the origins of her family’s deep involvement in the insurance industry, which began with her grandfather back in 1969.

He embarked on his insurance career by selling policies directly from the back of his car in the bustling community of Fredericton, New Brunswick. This segment beautifully illustrates the Williams family’s enduring commitment and evolution from modest beginnings to creating a significant and respected agency presence within the local region, highlighting the foundational role of family in shaping Berni’s career path.

Part 2: The Business of Home Inspections

Throughout this segment, Berni delves deeper into the significant evolution of insurance products and services over the years, particularly underlining the industry’s proactive response to emerging client needs such as cybersecurity threats and the growing necessity for comprehensive water coverage in light of frequent local flooding incidents.

She meticulously outlines the diverse range of insurance products offered by her agency, including auto, life, commercial, and property insurance, while interestingly noting the exclusion of pet insurance from their offerings. This part of the conversation offers listeners a glimpse into the dynamic adaptability of the insurance industry to the ever-changing environmental and technological challenges, showcasing Berni’s keen insight into the sector’s developments.

Part 3: The Art of Home Inspections

In the third segment, the discussion pivots to explore the intricate technical aspects of insurance coverage and the distinct differences between the agency and brokerage models within the insurance industry. Berni provides a clear explanation of the evolution from traditional “fire insurance” to the more encompassing term “property insurance,” stressing the critical importance for clients to have a thorough understanding of their coverage details.

She contrasts her agency model, which focuses on offering products from a single provider, with the brokerage model that involves shopping around for rates from multiple companies. Berni’s explanations offer valuable insights into the advantages and challenges of each approach, enriching listeners’ understanding of the insurance landscape.

Part 4: Limitations of Home Inspections

In this concluding segment, Berni passionately discusses the irreplaceable importance of personalized service in the insurance industry. She shares how her agency, Berni Williams Insurance, places a high priority on building close relationships with clients to effectively identify and fill any gaps in their coverage, emphasizing her commitment to going beyond mere transactions to truly understanding and catering to her clients’ unique needs.

The conversation then shifts to consider the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the industry. Berni expresses a balanced view, acknowledging the significant role AI is likely to play in the future of insurance while firmly believing in the continued necessity of human interaction and personalized service for achieving comprehensive and client-centered insurance solutions. Berni’s reflections underscore her dedication to her clients and her forward-thinking approach to the evolving landscape of insurance.

Throughout the episode, Berni Williams provides a thorough and engaging overview of the insurance industry from her unique perspective as a seasoned professional deeply rooted in a family legacy of insurance service. Her insights into the significance of family heritage, the evolution of insurance products, and the critical role of personalized service offer valuable lessons and reflections for listeners interested in the complexities and human aspects of the insurance world.

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