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10 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

What makes great real estate agents great?

Real estate agents provides a valuable service to both home buyers and sellers, helping them navigate one of the most complex financial transactions of their lifetime. That’s why selecting a trustworthy realtor is such an important part of the process. 

Similar to how not every house will meet your needs, not every realtor will either. Some qualities make certain real estate professionals outshine others in the industry. But what distinguishes great realtors from average realtors? 


Moral & Lawful  

As a licensed realtor in the province of New Brunswick, we are bound by a code of ethics and bylaws. We all must follow the same rules and regulations, so we have similar credentials related to buying and selling real estate. But make sure the realtor you choose holds themselves to a high personal ethical standard, too. That means you can talk candidly with them knowing they will keep confidential information private. There should be absolutely no underhanded dirty dealing.



There a lots of real estate agents in Fredericton and the surrounding area. Recommendations are often the best way to narrow your options and choose a realtor who you feel confident and comfortable working with. Ask your friends and family about their experience working with a particular real estate agent. You don’t want to leave this decision to chance. Trust word-of-mouth recommendations and, if you’re new to Fredericton, ask the real estate agent for references or a list of testimonials from their clients.



Knowledge is power, and it pays to have the upper hand in real estate transactions. Great realtors stay up-to-date on the latest trends in housing and real estate, proactively pursuing professional development and continued education. They have in-depth knowledge of different neighbourhoods around Fredericton, so they can make recommendations based on what’s important to the buyer—whether that’s proximity to schools and daycares or restaurants, shopping and nightlife. They know if a house is a good deal or if it’s overpriced. Real estate agents are also subject to yearly mandatory training to improve our knowledge base. 



No amount of book smarts is a substitute for hands-on experience. We recommend you ask the appropriate questions to ensure your realtor has the experience to provide you with proper assistance. Real estate agents with lots of experience are better equipped to help buyers make an informed purchasing decision and sellers get the most they can from their property—and sell it quickly.


Negotiation Skills

It should come as no surprise that one of the most important qualities of a great real estate agent is the ability to negotiate. They come into every negotiation well-prepared and they stay cool under pressure, examining all angles. Great realtors are highly persuasive, negotiating for the best interests of their clients every step of the way. 



Due to the nature of the business, realtors spend a lot of time “in the weeds.” From comparing housing prices to making suggestions for home improvements and reviewing the fine print in contacts, real estate professionals must be attentive to details. Great real estate agents listen carefully to buyers, uncovering the specific things they’re looking for in a home. They take care when staging a home for a showing, and they’re creative with their MLS listings, providing compelling and detailed descriptions of the homes they’re selling.


Communication Skills

The real estate market is extremely time-sensitive, so strong communication skills are a must-have quality in realtors. Regular communication could mean the difference between selling your home and the buyers that “got away.” It could mean losing the chance to make an offer on your dream home.  Insist on hiring a realtor who is responsive and gets in touch with you often using your preferred method of communication, whether that’s a phone call, text or email.



Look for a real estate agent who can be 100% honest with you no matter what. Honest realtors will tell it like it is, even when they know it’s not necessarily what you want to hear (such as bringing your attention to some not-so-nice aspects of a property). Hopefully they have tact when they tell you, but try to be receptive to this feedback. We’re the experts and we have your best intentions at heart.



Real estate is a demanding profession, requiring long hours and hard work to close the deal. Mediocre realtors are reactive while great realtors are tenacious and determined to sell your house or help you find your next one. They pursue every lead and put time and effort into marketing properties so that they stand out from others on the market. In other words, they hustle!



This “soft skill” is one of the most essential in any real estate professional. The bottom line is this: people want to work with people they like, and they want to buy from people they like. Being friendly and agreeable isn’t an option for realtors; it’s part of the job.

The Right Choice Realty team has all these qualities! There’s a reason we’re called “the right choice.” We can help you buy or sell your home.

Contact one of our great realtors today!

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