Staging Your Home in the Winter in New Brunswick

Winter may not be the most appealing time of year, but staging your home for sale in the winter can help. Homeowners can still experience the benefits of selling their home during cooler months. Implementing seasonal staging techniques can impress buyers and sell your home faster than you would have thought! The Right Choice Realty can help you achieve your home selling goals this winter season, let us tell you how. If you’re looking for more general advice on how to stage throughout the year, we have the complete guide to staging your home to help!

Benefits of selling your home in the winter

Winter home selling is considered the offseason in the real estate world. Homeowners can take advantage of this “slow” season by putting their house on the market. The housing market experiences low inventory in the winter, therefore meaning less competition from other sellers. Your house is even more likely to stand out among potential buyers, and in turn, sell faster. Additionally, homebuyers tend to be more serious about buying and getting mortgage pre-approvals during the offseason. This is beneficial for homeowners as it makes the selling process more streamlined and efficient.

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Showcasing your homes winter features

Selling in the winter provides homeowners with the opportunity to showcase different features of their home that wouldn’t be highlighted otherwise. For instance, showcasing a large driveway will stand out more in the winter as it is an asset for snow removal. Having a lit fireplace gives the essence of warmth and coziness in a home, which might not be portrayed selling during warmer months. Neighborhood features like a great sliding hill or ice hockey pond located nearby won’t go unnoticed when you sell in the winter. These selling points are often the final push buyers need to close the sale.

Winter home staging techniques

Staging your home to sell during any season is important, but can prove to be especially impactful during winter months. There are many techniques homeowners can do to make their home appear especially attractive, despite winter’s harshness. Moreover, effectively staging your home with the season and trends in mind can even lead to an increase in the buyer’s offer.

The following winter staging techniques can have a lasting effect on potential home buyers and lead sellers to close the deal.

  • First thing’s first, don’t forget about the basics. Ensure all rooms have been properly cleaned and sanitized. Make sure all corners, surfaces, and living areas are free of clutter – an easy way to start preparing to move, especially if you’re planning to downsize to a smaller home. Avoid decorating with too many personal items such as pictures and memorabilia. You want the potential buyers to imagine their lives in your home without being distracted by yours. Providing a mat by the doors is especially important with winter weather.
  • Snow removal is key when staging in the winter months. Having a clean driveway, clear pathways, and decks allow buyers to see these features at their fullest potential and can have a big impact on their decision making.
  • Warm-up your space, literally and figuratively. Entering a warm atmosphere is inviting for those escaping cold winter air and will start your buyer’s viewing on a warm note. Furthermore, decorating with warm and cozy accents offers a sense of comfort for potential buyers. As a disclaimer, remain neutral with festive decorating during the winter holiday season in order to appease all potential buyers.
  • Often, people forget winter is naturally darker, therefore lighting can be a game-changer when selling during this season. Ensure all of the lights are turned on throughout your home during viewings, open blinds, and curtains, and incorporate a mixture of bright and warm lighting fixtures.

Given the current New Brunswick real estate market is experiencing a demanding seller’s market, staging your home to sell this winter could have a huge impact on buyers’ decisions. Proper staging may lead to multiple offer situations, and sellers receiving more than their original asking price. If you need assistance with getting your home on the market, staging, and selling, the expert REALTORS® at The Right Choice Realty are here to help. Don’t let winter’s harshness deter you. Contact us today to experience the benefits of selling your home in the winter!

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